Unparalleled service options for managing network, server, and storage IT infrastructure enable IT teams to scale and resource their organizations effectively.

  • Data Center Operations
  • Infrastructure environment
  • Security Intrusion detection monitoring
  • Big Data and Analytics Dashboard

Onsite Services

Incident Response
  • 24×7 on Call/Email.
  • 8×5 NBD Onsite service.
  • Threat information collector.
  • Take an action for a known threat.

  • Gathering information based on security software alert.
  • Inspect data for a root cause.
  • Identity attacking target (Victim)*.
  • Summarize attacking step for data containment.
  • By using evidence from SIEM

Containment & Recovery
  • Specify a system which could quarantine.
  •  Summarize recovery plan.
  •  Policy Suggestion by using Insight Agent for further incidence.